As a Medical Center, no work is more important to us than earning the trust of our patients, their families, and the providers who refer them to us. That’s why our number one priority remains providing a safe, high-quality, patient- and family-centered care experience that combines the best scientific evidence, expert clinical judgment, and truly compassionate care.

Because of this, we’re devoted to continual improvement. And, while we’re understandably enthused by several areas in which we’ve recently shown remarkable progress, we won’t be content until our patient experience is among the best in the country. In fact, our leaders and our URMC Board of Directors challenge us to constantly review our performance and see ourselves as we truly are. This is the key to understanding what we are doing well – and where we still need to do better.


Transforming Care. Bringing Health to Every Home.

Transforming Care: With our aging population and the present system of episodic healthcare services, “Transforming Care” is a call for a fundamental shift in the way we deliver the most appropriate care- centered on the needs of patients.

“Transforming Care” is not about making incremental changes and getting better at what we do. It is about moving away from illness-care focus to truly keeping patients and residents healthy, and looking after their well-being.

Bringing Health To Every Home: This statement highlights our Vision to reach out to our community in the West, Aligned with our Mission, “Bringing Health” speaks of our aspiration to integrate and simplify healthcare so that it may be accessible to help the healthy stay healthy, to help the sick get well and to empower the community to manage their well-being.


Stay Well. Heal. Empower.

Providing integrated healthcare by working hand in hand with community partners, patients, caregivers and staff.

Stay Well: Within the whole realm of healthcare, helping people to stay healthy is a priority. Hence, one of our pillars of our mission is to help the community stay well.

Heal: When individuals fall sick, we will heal them to the best of our ability. This is the traditional role of hospitals and we must continue to excel in this area of care.

Empower: For the healthy, we want to empower them with information, resources, outreach programmes and education to continue living healthy lives. For those who require ongoing care or are beyond healing, we want to empower them to live their lives as comfortable as possible and with dignity.


Patient – Centeredness. Integrity, Excellence, Mutual Respect, Openness.

Patient-Centeredness: We design and deliver care around the needs of our patients and their caregivers.

Integrity: We uphold trust through all we say and do.

Excellence: We give our best, every time.

Mutual Respect: We treat each and every individual with dignity.

Openness: We embrace change and champion innovation.