30 November 2014

With a capital of 30 million JD.

Al-Kindi Hospital Company and Dar Al Omran Engineering sign an agreement engineering supervision and project management of Al-Kindi hospital

Marked the beginning of the implementation of the project in the hospital according to the latest medical and technical standards in the Middle East was recently the signing of the agreement engineering supervision and management of the project between the Al-Kindi Hospital Corporation represented by its General Manager and Dar Al-Omran Engineering also represented by its General Manager

  • The Hospital planned to be a general Hospital, located in Jabal Al Hussein area with a total area up to 18,000 square meters with a capacity of 60 beds, spread over six upper floors and four basement – services, parking lots, built on cutting the total land area of ​​approximately 6000 mcontaining all therapeutic and surgical disciplines, and adjoining hotel facilities in order to ensure the highest degree of comfort to patients and their companions especially coming from outside Jordan.
  • Hospital would represent an important and articulated in addition to the level of therapeutic services not only on the local level, but on the regional and global levels through the most advanced surgical solutions provide the surgeon the endoscope and others.
  • Bariatric center of excellence /Includes the latest hospital specialized center for laparoscopic obesity surgery in the Middle East.
  • Architectural nature of the project designed format civilized expresses the unique privacy lend more psychological comfort to patients and visitors to the hospital, and actually enhances the aesthetic of the site.
  • The project’s economic and development multiple add-ons aimed at community development, of which more than 230 jobs secure.
  • Work actually begins at the site early next month.