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7 December 2016

Signing of a medical consulting agreement for Al-Kindi Hospital.

A Medical Consultations agreement has been recently signed between Al-Kindi Hospital and ACENDIS (a German company specialized in hospital management). The signage took place between Al-Kindi Hospital’s General Manager; Dr. Mohammad Khrais and the Director General of ACENDIS; Mr. H Shahin.

ACENDIS company will be responsible for providing all medical consultations with respect to usage of medical equipment and machinery preparation for Al-Kindi Hospital, currently under construction in Amman, expected to be in full operation and scheduled to open late 2017.


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Al-Kindi Hospital/Quick Facts

  1. Starting Date: 1 May 2015
  2. Opening Date:1/1/2019
  3. Financial Budget: Approximately 45 Million Dinar (63.4 Million Dollar)
  4. Location: Jordan, Amman, Jabal Al-Hussain
  5. Staff: 230 Members
  6. Total Area: 33,000 square meters
  7. Capacity: 135 Beds
  8. Floors: Approximately 10 Floors (6 upper floors and 4 lower)

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Medical Tourism in Jordan

Jordan is on the fast track to the top in the field of healthcare. Medical tourism in Jordan has received heavy investments for hospitals and staff, and the country is working hard to attain its goal of a billion dollars in revenue for the ministry of health by 2010.

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